Petition Title: The Goldman Act

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Subject: The Goldman Act

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that ...our Congress stand with Charles De Nogueira Ferrao who had his two children kidnapped by his fiance', Colette Okanya. Mr. Ferrao allowed the mother to take their children to Uganda on a six week vacation and to pay her respects to her deceased grandmother, and to take care of family affairs, while visiting relatives. Mr. Ferrao provided Colette with an authorization to travel with the children, with a return date of March 8, 2015. She refused to return so Charles went to family court, which she had representation by her own hired attorney.

Charles won in family court and the Los Angeles Prosecutor filed felony child abduction charges on Colette Okanya aka Sheila Komuntale. She is wanted by Interpol, there is a red notice for her and yellow notices on the children Helena De Nogueira Ferrao and Henrique De Nogueira Ferrao. Interpol in Uganda arrested Colette, but soon released and the children were given back to their abductor. Senator Diane Feinstein's legal counsel has take this case on. The State Dept. has issued now 3 diplomatic notices to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Inspector General of Police in Uganda.

So far the Ugandan government refuses to return these American children who are not even Ugandan themselves. We need Congress to implement "The Goldman Act," in order to get these children back to the USA and to their father, who is the sole legal guardian of Helena and Henri as ruled by two family court judges. Please stand with us on the "The Goldman Act" and issue sanctions against Uganda who has done nothing to protect these American children and bring them home to their only loving father and the rest of their paternal family.

Author: Katherine Hichborn

Subject: The Goldman Act

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