Petition Title: Stop Military Aid to Egypt

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Subject: Stop Military Aid to Egypt

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that ALL military aid to EGYPT's Muslim Brotherhood government be stopped immediately! The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group and has spawned many of the region's dangerous militant groups who have a sworn hatred for Israel and the US. Egypt has openly and fully supported Hamas since the new Morrsi government was formed.

The Obama administration has supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since their revolution and the financial aid is propping this government up. Financial aid in the form of military supplies, F-16s, Abrams tanks and more will only be used for two purposes. 1. Offensive attacks on Israel in support of terrorist groups like Hamas 2. Use against the Egyptian domestic opposition.

Protect our best US ally in this region; Israel, and build stability in this region by NOT further financing or arming the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood controlled government. Please sponsor and support all legislative initiatives and procedural options to oppose this administrations power overreach and bad policy on the use of military aid for Egypt.

Author: Patrick McGuire   
Title: President

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Subject: Stop Military Aid to Egypt

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