Petition Title: Stop Al Franken-No Child Left Unmolested

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Subject: Stop Al Franken-No Child Left Unmolested

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that you OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, formerly known as "No Child Left Behind." Specifically you must oppose Senator Tom Harkin's (D-IA) addition of language proposed by Senator Al Franken (D-MN) that requires mandatory pro-homosexual lectures to all public school children, promoting sin under the disguise of bullying prevention. STOP THREATENING TO CUT FUNDING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS THAT WON'T PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY AS NORMAL. The legislation’s text promoting homosexuality begins on Page 694 of the massive school bill, over 1,150 pages.

Since Al Franken could not pass his "Homosexual Classrooms Act" in 2010, improperly called the Student Non-Discrimination Act, he has co-opted Senator Harkin to insert identical language into this year's No Child Left Behind "Elementary and Secondary Education Act." But when you threaten to cut public school funding if teachers refuse to promote homosexuality, you really want NO CHILD LEFT UNMOLESTED by pro-homosexual propaganda. As parents we all should, honestly, pull our kids from public schools, if you force kids and parents to violate their conscience, religion, and moral views.

Stop these immoral COMMON CORE STANDARDS, which violate the 1979 National Education Act which forbids federal curricula from being imposed on local schools. SEX EDUCATION IS THE PARENT'S JOB, not the government's job. Local school boards should decide these matters, not the BULLY AL FRANKEN who intimidates Christian kids into accepting homosexuality as normal, with deceitful lectures by adults who bully Christian kids, without permission from parents. Read more here: PLEASE OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER this child abuse.

Author: Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD   
Title: Chaplain

Partner Organization*: The Pray In Jesus Name Project

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Subject: Stop Al Franken-No Child Left Unmolested

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