Petition Title: Protect Army Chapels from Desecration

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Subject: Protect Army Chapels from Desecration

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that you protect Army chapel buildings from anti-Christian desecration by atheist complainers or homosexual 'ceremonies,' and defend TSgt Layne Wilson against persecution by the domestic enemy of the Constitution Lt. Col. Kevin Tobias. Airmen should not be punished for opposing homosexual 'weddings' that desecrate military chapels. The Obama Administration's policy of removing Christian crosses from Army chapel buildings in Afghanistan is anti-Christian, and prohibits the free exercise of religion by biblical Catholic or Protestant worshipers. His other policy of enforcing homosexual 'weddings' in military chapels in all 50 states (Jeh Johnson memo of 2011) is a clear violation of our freedom of religion.

The new, anti-Christian Army Regulation 165-1 reportedly requires "permanent or fixed chapel furnishings, such as the altar, pulpit, lectern, or communion rail will be devoid of distinctive religious symbols,” and "the chapel environment will be religiously neutral when the facility is not being used for scheduled worship." But Christian service-members deserve a dedicated chapel altar, since over 75% of worshipers self-identify as Christian. The Christian altar is sacred, and should not be required to be desecrated Monday through Saturday, only to be cleansed and re-consecrated by Sunday.

Mr. Obama's blatant abrogation of DOMA and open desecration of Christian chapel buildings is a clear violation of our military service-members' freedom of religion. By desecrating altars, removing crosses, and allowing acts of sodomy to be celebrated in our churches, Mr. Obama and his Army bureaucrats have deeply disrespected the Christian community, and abused the religious freedom rights of our military members. Please stop AR 165-1, and protect all our Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines right to a sacred worship space.

Author: Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD   
Title: Chaplain

Partner Organization*: The Pray In Jesus Name Project

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Subject: Protect Army Chapels from Desecration

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