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Petition Title: neglect of a minor child
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Subject: neglect of a minor child

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that ...I need help in Posey county . I have reported to CPS things about my granddaughter.The Mother choked my granddaughter 8-17-19 she went to jail, next day got out . The night it happened CPS put my granddaughter with her other grandmother. Mother goes before the Judge and was ordered to have no contact with daughter. Then a week later CPS release the no contact order from Mother, then she started blaming her daughter screaming and cursing at her this is all your fault, that went on for about 2 weeks and even the grandmother starting blaming the granddaughter also.

Then Mother went to court again with no layer and asked 30 more days to get one, the same day came Mother goes to her Mothers and starts screaming at her daughter saying i didn't choke you and daughter said yes you did my brother pulled you off of me and told the police what you did..I told CPS about it and nothing has happened. Then my granddaughter wanted to kill herself and i called 911 police made her go to the hospital but they did not keep keep. So now my granddaughter slips in the shower falls and hits her head, fell on face and nose, and is having trouble out if it.

Mother DID NOT TAKE HER TO SEE A DOCTOR. When she went to the school nurse on Monday she told her see needed to go have it checked out. 8-22-19 Mother still not taken child to any Doctor...THIS IS NEGLECT.. I NEED HELP I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE TO CALL, MY HANDS ARE TIED I CAN'T EVEN SEE MY GRANDDAUGHTER.

Author: Judy Papenmeier
Subject: neglect of a minor child
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