Petition Title: I'm tired

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Subject: I'm tired

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

I'm a 35 yearold 4x deployed OIF vet who suffers pain everday. I've lost friends, I've lost days, I've about lost the will to live. I worked my ass off fighting for my country only to have those who are supposed to represent us let us down each and every day. All you do is talk, talk, and then more talking. It does absolutely nothing. I watch everyday the leftists try to overthrow and continually oust our President, I watch everyday as the values I fought for, the Constitution, the rule of law are continually shredded. A news media that lies, a bunch of spineless cowards in D.C, and only one

man who actually gives a damn about me, President Donald J Trump. I'm tired of seeing my country torn apart, but whose fault will it be? It won't be the Democrats, we've known from day one who they are. It will be YOUR fault, because all you do is talk. Louie Gohmert was right, we are headed for a bloody civil war, and again it will be because you spineless cowards just talked and didn't act. One man cannot defend himself if the rest of you just talk. Do your jobs, grow a spine, don't talk, but act! The only man who acts is the President, the rest of you fail us each and every day. The enemy

are in D.C, in the House, and in the Senate. It is your job to use your elected powers to toss them out, or we will not have a country anymore. I'm done believing in this government, I'm done believing you'll do anything to save this nation. It's just Donald Trump who fights for us, the rest of you have let us down, have let veterans down, patriots who love this nation down. How dare you constantly send me texts for money when you haven't fought for this nation at all. Act, stop talking, or we will not have a nation. The President can't fight alone.

Author: Stephen Foster

Subject: I'm tired

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