How to Write a Petition

FaxCongress can help you learn how to write a petition by providing a free petition template with instructions that make it easier to concisely state your goals. Create an account and we will fax your petition to your congressman for free.

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FaxCongress Helps you Learn How to Write a Petition Letter

When you write a petition letter to Congress, you need to remember to articulate precisely what you hope to achieve. The subject line and first sentence are critically important, and should entirely summarize what you want. You will have to find out who your representatives are so you can address your letter correctly. Be direct and to the point and research your topic well. Remember to be serious and stay professional. Use respectful language at all times.

FaxCongress has many successful published petitions available to browse, so you can familiarize yourself with political issues important to Americans and support those you believe in. You may follow the pattern (without copying the exact words) of any of our petitions as a model or use our template to guide you on how to write a petition letter to Congress, and then let us fax it to them.

The benefits of joining FaxCongress not only allow you to deliver your petitions instantly, you can also network with thousands of other like-minded individuals and organizations and channel many people’s collective energy into a successful grassroots lobbying campaign. We invite registered 501c non-profits, PACs, and politically-minded organizations to apply to use FaxCongress to aid their fundraising efforts.

If you choose to publish your petition free on your site, you can use blogs, embeds, discussion groups, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your cause and gather support. Then recruit friends, co-workers, and community members to sign your petition on our site to join you in lobbying Congress. To influence our national policy makers, you need to gather the biggest base of support that you can.

At FaxCongress, we are committed to publishing petitions from different viewpoints and we welcome everyone to become registered members. We have 7 diverse categories that we place the published petitions into. The categories reflect both conservative and progressive perspectives. Topics range from social values, economic issues, defense and foreign policies, and an “other” category for miscellaneous ideas. We also list the most active and successful top 20 petitions to browse and inspire you.

Create a petition and lobby to raise awareness for your cause. FaxCongress gives you the opportunity to browse through all petitions, sign those that you agree with, and fax them to Congress for free. Create an account and discover how easy it is to learn how to write a petition.

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