Grassroots lobbying is the one of the keys to political change. FaxCongress can help you start a grassroots lobbying effort that will make a real difference in America. Use our proven methods to start your own informal, unregistered lobbying campaign. In today’s era of electronic information overload, email just doesn’t get people’s attention. That is the idea behind FaxCongress. If you feel strongly about an issue, FaxCongress lets you send a fax directly to the desk of your Congressman for free!

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Free, registered members use our grassroots lobbying techniques:

1. Create a new petition - If you feel strongly about an issue, write a petition and we will fax it to your Congressman free!

2. Publish your petition - If you choose, we’ll publish your petition FREE on our site, creating a unique petition page that you control, so you can recruit other like-minded supporters to co -sign your petition, and we fax it FREE to their Congressman too. Recruit enough supporters, and you can start a grass-roots movement, influence Congress, and change the world!

3. Recruit co-signers for your petition - Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools, you can recruit your friends, and friends of their friends, to multiply support for your cause.

4. Sign other people’s petitions - Browse everybody’s published petitions in 7 categories, and find those you support. Sign the ones you like, ignore those you don’t, and we will fax each one you support to your congressman for free, up to 5 per day!

5. Send faxes to all members of Congress - for an optional charge, we will fax the petitions you support to all 535 Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, or just to select committees, instantly. How much time would it take you to send 535 faxes to Washington? We save you much time.

6. Raise money for your cause - Approved registered 501c non-profits PAC leaders and politically minded organizations can use this site to persuade Congress, recruit a virtual army, to start grassroots lobbying, and raise money for your cause. If your petition gathers donors, we pay you!

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Grassroots Lobbying

What is Grassroots Lobbying and What Techniques are Effective?

FaxCongress provides the tools and techniques you need to build your own grassroots lobbying effort. Write a petition, publish it on our site, and we not only deliver your petitions instantly, FaxCongress helps you get the attention you need for your cause. Our site can help you reach thousands of politically minded individuals and organizations that wish to work together influencing Congress and making a difference in the world. Networking is an essential part of growing a grassroots movement.

FaxCongress can show you how to develop grassroots lobbying techniques that are proven effective and get results. Browse through our most active and successful top 20 online petitions to get ideas on why a particular lobbying effort gets more attention and better public support.

Once you publish your petition with us, don’t stop there. Embed links to your petition in your favorite blogs and chat rooms as well as Facebook and Twitter to increase the profile of your cause. The Internet is an inexpensive means to communicate. Once logged in, go to your dashboard and use our free tools to your advantage.

A successful grassroots lobbying movement uses the one thing that a democracy needs to stay strong – the voices of many people. Let’s all work together for the good of the country we love. Raise your voice and remind Congress that they work for us!

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Take the opportunity to browse all petitions, sign those that you agree with, and let FaxCongress send it to your Congressman for free. Or create a petition using our free petition template and let us help you recruit supporters for your grassroots lobbying.

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