Petition Title: End FEMA's Power to Stop Citizen Rescues

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Subject: End FEMA's Power to Stop Citizen Rescues

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This petition requests that Congress... End FEMA's power to limit access to disaster areas. It endangers lives by infringing on our right to render mutual aid. There has been a growing consensus of citizen responders, and professional responders alike, that FEMA's approach to disaster containment endangers human lives by limiting the ability of US citizens to render mutual aid to one another in a mass disaster. The FEMA idea that "limiting the number of responders to a mass disaster saves more lives" is entirely counter-intuitive and against statistical probability.

The more hands available, the more lives that can be saved. Instead of discouraging citizen participants in mass disasters, FEMA needs to learn how to work WITH the people in more productive ways. Removing FEMA's power to limit access to a disaster area will force them to grow onto a mature inclusive org working for the People, by the People and with the People. We the People

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Author: George Lexington

Subject: End FEMA's Power to Stop Citizen Rescues

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