Petition Title: Demand release of Syrian Bishops

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Subject: Demand release of Syrian Bishops

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

With deep respect we are requesting that you speak out for the release of two kidnapped Syrian bishops. Jihadist fighters in Syria, supported by the tax dollars of Americans, kidnapped the bishops of two different churches while they were on a mercy mission to obtain the release of two priests north of Aleppo, Syria on April 22nd. The bishops were apparently kidnapped by Chechen jihadists from the same region of Russia as the Islamists who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon.

More than 1,000 Christians in Syria have been targeted and killed by the jihadist fighters supported by the United States in the last year, and more than 20 churches have been destroyed. Only the threat of the removal of American funding can stop the continued attacks by the jihadist fighters against Christians and against the churches founded by Paul, Peter, John and the other early Saints.

Please add your voice to the growing number of Americans who disagree with the recruiting and financing by the Obama Administration of jihadist fighters who continue to kidnap and murder Christians in Syria. Your voice is also needed to protest the fatwas that have been issued in Saudi Arabia and Jordan giving the jihadist fighters in Syria permission to rape Syrian Christian women. Please begin by demanding today the release of all Christian clergy held by American supported jihadist fighters in Syria.

Author: William Murray   
Title: Chairman

Partner Organization*: Religious Freedom Coalition

*This organization benefits if you pay for extra faxes.

Subject: Demand release of Syrian Bishops

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