Petition Title: Demand AZ DCS to Return Children

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Subject: Demand AZ DCS to Return Children

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Since 1993, I have experienced the ways the AZ Superior Family and Criminal courts handle their cases. I have witnessed firsthand how the Child Protective Services has complete control and total power over Judges, lawyers, Governors, Law Enforcement and the District Attorney and Attorney General’s offices. All most a 1,000 Children are taken (kidnapped) by AZ CPS now called “Department of Child Safety” a month! AZ CPS/DCS uses the excuse of the very broad word “Negligence” which there is no definition for, to remove and strip loving and safe parents of their precious children.

One child brings in $80,000 plus of federal money each year! AZ CPS\DCS takes 3 times more children from loving and safe parents with just a broad allegation of neglect all for federal money at the tune of $80,000 plus dollars per child a year! David Watson's 15-year-old stepdaughter was hanging with some shady and dangerous boys and her parents were just talking about homeschooling her and she made up a diabolical lie about her stepdad and called Arizona"s CPS! She changed her story three different times!

The CPS caseworker saw how beautiful the Watson's four younger children were ranging from 7 to 2 years old! The father showed how they were wonderful fit parents and exposed this corruption and now DCS has severed their parental rights in retaliation and for federal money! This is not an isolated case! This crisis is happening on a daily basis by this egregious out of control agency. AZ concerned citizens are demanding Director Greg MaKay and Gov. Doug Ducey to return these now harmed children by the hands of AZ DCS to their safe and loving parents David & Brandi Watson!

Author: Crystal Nuttle

Subject: Demand AZ DCS to Return Children

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