Petition Title: Congressional Action on IRS and NSA

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Subject: Congressional Action on IRS and NSA

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

In your oath of office, you swore to protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Never in our nation's history have we seen such an attack on our Constitution from within our own government. The 4th Amendment was specifically added to the Constitution to protect American citizens from "unreasonable searches and seizures" without "probable cause"--the very abuses of power now being perpetrated by the National Security Agency, the Internal Revenue Service and other branches of government within this administration.

We support the NSA's work on fighting the war on terror, but not at the expense of our constitutionally protected civil liberties. Because of unauthorized, unreasonable and unconstitutional searches and seizures we are calling on Congress to: 1. Conduct full investigations into the operation of the NSA through Congressional Hearings and issue a report as to the extent of the surveillance, intrusion, and abuses of power toward American citizens. 2. Put necessary reforms in place to protect our civil liberties and hold all those responsible for these violations accountable. 3. Deny any additional federal funds to the NSA for the purpose of surveillance, data collection or storage of information related to American citizens without probable cause.

In addition, because of the tyrannical abuses of power being discovered within the IRS including: political targeting, harassment, audits, intrusion, and denial of the right to form and assemble based upon their beliefs and political affiliation, we are calling for: 1. A full criminal investigation of the IRS and those involved in the illegal activities including any outside organizations, members of Congress, and the President. 2. An audit of the IRS 3. Legislative remedies and removal of those responsible for the illegal activity 4. Withhold all funds designated for the hiring of additional IRS agents assigned to enforce ObamaCare until the investigation and audit are complete, remedies are put in place, and those responsible have been removed Given the IRS oversight of life-saving treatment in Obamacare, withholding future funds until the matter is resolved is essential. Do we really want the IRS--the same branch of government responsible for political targeting and the systematic abuse of power--to be in control of who gets life saving treatment? To do so would be beyond irresponsible, it would be a dereliction of duty. Please let us know if you will pursue these necessary actions to defend our Constitutional rights and deny funding until the investigations are complete and the essential reforms have been implemented.

Author: Dr. Rick Scarborough   
Title: President

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Subject: Congressional Action on IRS and NSA

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