Petition Title: Block Support of Jihadists in Syria

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Subject: Block Support of Jihadists in Syria

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition strongly urges you to do all in your power to counter the reckless calls for sending aid – either military or humanitarian -- to the jihadists “rebels” who are being paid by the Saudi and Qatar governments to overthrow the secular government of Syria. There is solid evidence that many of these jihadists have previously fought against American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of the jihad fighters in Syria are from Libya, Jordan, Egypt and even Chechnya. These are criminals and murderers, not revolutionaries. One American jihadist in Syria is wanted as a felon in Florida.

Horrid atrocities are being committed by these “rebel” jihadist forces supported by President Barack Obama and by European leaders. Their actions include mass murder of captured Syrian soldiers, beheading of civilians and beatings of women. Christians, who represent more than 10% of the Syria population, have been directly targeted by the “rebel” forces. Christian areas of cities have been looted, Christian men murdered and Christian women raped, all in the name of jihad. This is not a democratic revolution and will create a more dangerous version of Afghanistan.

There is no grand purpose served in training and equipping jihadist fighters anywhere in the world at any time. When this was done in the past under the Carter and Reagan Administrations to fight our then “main enemy,” the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan the result led to two jihadist attacks on the World Trade Center. With our nation deeply in debt we should not be supplying aid to jihadist fighters who will in time use the weapons and training to attack “infidel” Americans. Please stop the madness of supporting jihadist fighters anywhere in the world for any cause with American tax dollars.

Author: William Murray   
Title: Chairman

Partner Organization*: Religious Freedom Coalition

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Subject: Block Support of Jihadists in Syria

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