Petition Title: Bill to legalize adult use marijuana

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Subject: Bill to legalize adult use marijuana

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This petition requests that ...the state of Georgia legalize all adult use sales and use of Marijuana not just Medical marijuana. It's time we follow suit with states that have passed this law. Georgia can model the program after other states and we can use the sales taxes created to finance road construction, education, and other things deemed necessary for the state. Georgia is losing out on millions of dollars that other states are gaining from legalization. Too many Georgians are in favor of this bill and we need this on our next ballot. I hope you consider this bill and make it happen.

Legalized states have figured it out. Lets make Georgia the next one to figure this out. Georgians want this. It's time to end the crime of adult use marijuana as soon as possible.

Author: Matthew Lessar

Subject: Bill to legalize adult use marijuana

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