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Petition Title: URGENT Family Law Reform and Case Review
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Subject: URGENT Family Law Reform and Case Review

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

1. Petition to set aside for legislative review and a public hearing to Vacate Case #C13-8489 Joyner vs. Greene in Circuit Court of Maryland in Baltimore County. 2. Request to investigate questions of Federal Legislation affecting children nationwide pursuant to United States Code 42 subsection 192; 3. Request to establish a National Agency to develop and implement a Uniform Child Custody Act; and 4. Request to implement a National Task force on Domestic Violence that GUARANTEES the safety, health and well-being of ALL Families affected by domestic violent crimes.

Please grace me with at least 10 minutes of your time to help a victim of two of the most heinous crimes; a mother crippled by domestic violence overcome an immediate crisis. Please do something, if you are in a position to effectuate this petition. Thank you for being a pillar of hope; a beacon of light in the world.

My 4-year (and counting) losing battle in Maryland’s Family Law Court as a defendant after leaving domestic violence is the catalyst for organizing the Civil Justice and Freedom Movement. During my trials and tribulations, I discovered that many women across the country are unlawfully (under the color of the law) losing custody of their children to abusive partners who are using child custody suits-at-law to retaliate for them seeking legal protection (protection orders) from abuse. In my case it was also a beginning of child abuse and child endangerment after he prevailed against me on all

Author: Tia Greene
Subject: URGENT Family Law Reform and Case Review
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