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Petition Title: Turned your backs
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Subject: Turned your backs

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

Most of you have turned your backs on Americans. Veterans that have served this country and those that have been wounded and paid the ultimate price have been spit on by cowards who sit behind desks and are ultimately worthless at their positions. As a veteran and wounded soldier I write this letter to vent my disgust at college grad entitled brats that call themselves public servants. Most of you are nothing but cowards and corrupt devils. There isn't one thing I respect or admire about you. My friends died thinking their service would matter not to have it torn apart.

Releasing a report on torture that HAS proved valuable in saving AMERICAN lives and countered terrorist just to play political football is outrageous. And at the center of it all just like Vietnam soldiers are in the middle of it for people to lash unjust anger at. You politicians sicken me to my very core. You are no better than murders on death row. Also to pass a huge spending bill and not reading it makes you hypocrites of the last congress. Fully funding amnesty and Obamacare instead of fighting back is complete surrender May all of you have the worst Christmas of your life. BURN IN HELL

Subject: Turned your backs
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