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Petition Title: The Second Amendment Guarantee
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Subject: The Second Amendment Guarantee

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that Congress recognize that the US Constitution & Bill of Rights do not Grant American Citizens Rights, but Guarantees Pre-ezisting, God given Rights, Already in our possession! The Second Amendment recognizes that a 'Well Regulated' (well Trained) 'Militia' (comprised of All of the People, except for a few gov't. officials) being Necessary for the security of a Free State. The Rights (pre-existing, not here-by confered) of the People (Militia) to Keep and Bear Arms, Shall Not be Infringed.

Sirs, No where does our Bill of Rights create 'New' Rights, but merely Guarantees that Congress will Respect our Pre-existing 'Natural', or God given Rights. In the case of the Second Amendment, those rights of Man, to take whatever actions are Necessary, to Protect himself, his Family, his Home, Community & Nation, by whatever means necessary, especially by use of Firearms, is Guaranteed. Thus Congress may do Nothing to Infringe upon said Pre-existing Rights to our Self Defense ! So Stop Infringing on our Rights, for God's sake !!!

The Federal Courts have Ruled, the the various Police enities do Not have a responsibility to Protect every Citizen, but only have a responsibility to protect Society in general. Thus leaving it to the Individual, to see to his/her Own defense. Following this Decision, is when the various States began loosening their Concealed Carry Laws, to enable Honest, Law Abiding Citizens the ability to see to their Own Protection The various Arms Control Legislation, that a number of Senators have produced, appears to be Incompatible with their Oaths of Office, as said Legislation is Unconstitutional!

Author: Rocky Bensch
Subject: The Second Amendment Guarantee
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