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Petition Title: Support Repeal and Replacement of Obamac
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Subject: Support Repeal and Replacement of Obamac

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that ...you support a complete change in the funding of accessible healthcare to all Americans that want and need it. Terrible mistruths have been said by members of the Democrat Party about the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare. The truth, simply is that those in true need, the mentally ill and disabled, children, and the elderly and poor have been squeezed out of accessible care and services and emergency room needs have experienced the same problems.

The answer to a new system is one that can be designed from the ground up with the input of patients and doctors to maintain control of the care they receive and give. This system can be supported easily with the current level of financing in block grants matched by the Federal government to Rhode island and patient contributions. Free from central government constraints, this system can acquire insurance from the most efficienct and effective source of insurance beyond state lines if available, that also makes malpractice insurance reforms as part of a state and national strategy.

This is an urgent change as the current central one size fits all system supports a bureaucracy that complicates provisions of care and suffocates innovation through endless barriers. Patients with serious care requirements are not treated with a view to re-entering the ordinary fabric of community and personal freedom,but rather bound by systems that focus on dependency instead. Please, Dear Jim. take the difficult road here and become a real voice to true health care in this country and our state of "hope."

Author: Donald Galamaga
Subject: Support Repeal and Replacement of Obamac
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