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Petition Title: Stop the TPP!
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Subject: Stop the TPP!

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

Dear Congressman Ryan, The U.S. Senate has regrettably voted to give Barack Obama 'fast-track' powers. If successful, it would give the President (Obama and his unnamed successor) 6-years of "trade promotion authority." That will make Congress powerless to amend or edit any trade agreement he pushes. The only power YOU would then have would be to vote yes or no on the final language. Here's the problem. And the threat. Every time Obama has been given more power, he has abused it.

Obama could ban or attach any measures he WISHES to the bill and no matter how heinous they may be, Congress would then be OBLIGATED to approve the deal anyway! He could grant instant asylum/amnesty to millions of Muslim terrorists and refugees, as he has already shown himself willing to do, in addition to already trying to foist millions of refugees from south of the Border on us. Why would he stop there? ? He could also demand the increased importation of poisonous and toxic products from Asia and elsewhere, considering he and the liberal Senate have ALREADY approved the

spraying and genetic altering of corn and other crops with the infamous 2-4-D agent also once a chemical ingredient of the infamous Agent Orange! By voting for this Fast-Track legislation for the TPP without even reading it, you're obviously showing a greater desire to appease your corporate donors than you are to honoring your oath to the Constitution and the People of this nation, thus reneging on your pledge to “preserve, protect and DEFEND the Constitution! I want to make myself completely clear. A vote in favor of this Fast-Track bill WILL be a vote by me AGAINST you in the next election

Author: Edith Wiske
Subject: Stop the TPP!
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