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Petition Title: Stop Shark Finning
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Subject: Stop Shark Finning

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

As your constituent, I am urging you to cosponsor and push for the passage of S. 793, which will prohibit the import, export, possession, trade, and distribution of shark fins and products containing shark fins.

Shark finning inhumanely removes a shark's fins and discards the rest of the living animal back into the ocean to suffer shock, severe blood loss, or predation by other fish. This practice is driven by market demand and poses a major threat to entire ecosystems.

The international shark fin trade creates a climate that is unsustainable for the shark populations worldwide. Sharks are being killed 30 percent faster than they are able to reproduce. This not only threatens many shark species, but has a devastating impact on our oceans' fragile ecosystems. It is crucial to protect vulnerable shark populations. Please pass S. 793 to protect our ocean's great creatures.

Author: William McMullin
Subject: Stop Shark Finning
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