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Petition Title: Stop Obama's recess appointment
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Subject: Stop Obama's recess appointment

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

Obama has found a way to skirt Senatorial confirmation for the next Supreme Court Justice! . Obama is planning to use a little-known legislative trick called a "Recess Appointment." There is no notification or confirmation process and Obama can put anyone on the Supreme Court and bypass Senatorial approval. It is crucial for Constitutional Integrity and survival of America to stop Obama from by-passing Senate and recess-appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. Obama's recess-appointment will continue until the end of the current session of Senate.

Congress must NOT allow Obama to Cheat the System and put his Recess Appointee in Supreme Court Robes? The Obama liberal rogue-appointee will decide the following cases. One Person, One Vote, Affirmative Action, Public Union Dues, Abortion and Obamacare. Calling on Congress to Not allow Obama to make a "Recess Appointment".

Author: Joanne Gilbert
Subject: Stop Obama's recess appointment
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