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Petition Title: Save The Endangered Species Act
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Subject: Save The Endangered Species Act

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that ...The degradation of the ESA be haulted immediately. This marks the sixth mass extinction ever and it is getting worse. Removal of endangered species so that the hunting lobby and various profiteers are happy is wrong. Extinction is forever and that should not continue. Elephants are dieing because of poachers and Trump may lift the ban on the sale of ivory. People risk their very lives to protect and rescue these magnificent creatures. Horses related to the mustang are in trouble from those who want to purchase land that they are currently free to roam on.

We must protect all species that are endangered and that number is quickly growing. Tigers, Giraffes, Lions, Rhinos and Hippos are in severe danger from being hunted for various reasons. We share this planet with species that roamed freely once. That is no longer the case. I ask that this petition be considered so Congress can protect the remarkable wildlife we are so fortunate to have on our planet. Without laws protecting these species so close to extinction the results will be devastating on so many levels.

Your attention to this vital matter is greatly appreciated. We must protect them all before it is to late.

Author: Stacey Cunningham
Subject: Save The Endangered Species Act
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