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Petition Title: Revision of Tax Code for Airline Pilots
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Subject: Revision of Tax Code for Airline Pilots

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

Mr Doggett, I would like to ask that a bill be sponsored that modifies the Treasury CFRs to revise the IRS tax code with respect to airline pilots. Due to current or former military duty, your jurisdiction contains a disproportionate amount of airline pilots. These pilots commute to their "domicile" or in the language of the IRS, to their "tax home". Airlines do not have "domiciles" in the San Antonio area therefore pilots commute to distant locations such as New York City, Boston, Florida, California, etc.

As such, airline life requires pilots maintain two homes. One is where they live with their families (San Antonio) and the other is their IRS Tax Home, where the airline is domiciled at. For example, I pay an additional $350/month in New York City to rent a bed in an apartment shared by 12 other pilots. Airlines do not provide housing. Yet, such a work related expense is not tax deductible! Contrast this with business people who can deduct all expenses related to travel under many rules of tax relief. The IRS makes no distinction between a person driving 5 miles from their house to their work

versus airline pilots who commute thousands of miles to their work consuming an entire day. Tax code should be modified to allow airline pilots to deduct the cost of maintaining a secondary "home" at their domicile since companies do not reimburse pilots. They claim they need not pay because it is the choice of pilots to not live in domicile. Unfortunately pilots cannot afford to live at airline domiciles or move domiciles at an airline's convenience. No other job demands this level of upfront cost. I would like to see legislation that provides considerable tax relief to pilots.

Author: Hernan Orellana
Subject: Revision of Tax Code for Airline Pilots
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