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Petition Title: Repeal 16th-IRS & 17th Amendments
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Subject: Repeal 16th-IRS & 17th Amendments

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

Thanks for your support, we now ask that you seek additional support from fellow representatives, also Senators. HR-25 is now (or should be) a hot-button issue considering the IRS scandals. It is truly a non-partisan issue, so responsible Dems should study the issue (it favors the aid to the lesser fortunate, & encourages recycling). Over-all, it is revenue positive (the Govt actually gets more revenue, despite all the breaks afforded to the American citizenry). The citizens get/keep more money to spend, save &/or invest...a boon to the economy, means more (good) jobs in the marketplace.

Repeal the 17th Amendment: Deceitful, as it pretends to allow citizens 'choice' of Senators. Orig Constitution called for each state legislature to select its Senators, making them accountable to their own state. Thus the state determines salaries, pensions, perks etc (preventing the Senators from voting themselves pay raises, passing legislation which exempts themselves, etc) lest the legislature recall that Senator for abuse(s). 17th Amendment took away those (and all) of those state's rights: Now, they're beholden to lobbyists, out of state special interests/ quid pro quo campaign funding

Simplicity in legislation. According to the orig Constitution (Federalist Papers), Jefferson suggested (strongly) that all legislation be plain & simple; that the ordinary citizen fully understand the meaning. I suggest that legislation be no longer than 3 pages; allowing only 3 Amendments, & each Amendment to be less than 1 page,each. We citizens should expect all of our Reps (House & Senate) to read & fully understand the entire proposals presented, & vote accordingly. This should eliminate a lot of 'pork', and obfuscating language. We can obey laws we fully understand.

Author: edgar martin
Subject: Repeal 16th-IRS & 17th Amendments
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