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Petition Title: Please vote for S. 502 and H.R. 920
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Subject: Please vote for S. 502 and H.R. 920

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

My son is in his eight year serving a 15 year ACCA minimum sentence for possession of a firearm as a felon. He operated a successful computer business for 10 years. My son’s computer business was broken into three times. On all three occasions he called the local police to report the crime. About $20,000 in equipment and cash were stolen. He received a letter from Florida advising him that he qualified to have his 2nd Amendment rights restored. He did not know that Florida’s law was superseded by Federal law. After the 2nd break in he decided to place a handgun under his counter. He placed a sign on the entrance door telling customers that he had a firearm on the premises. He also had talked with local police offices before he was arrested who told him that he was not in violation of the law. After the third call to the police a local detective responded, spotted the gun, knew that my son was a felon (the felonies occurred 17 to 20 years earlier) and on the next day returned with a warrant, several officers, K9 dogs and arrested him. The magistrate immediately released him on his own recognizance because he had a good reputation in the community. About 60 days later US Marshalls surrounded his house and in front of his wife and children arrested him. He was sentenced in a Federal District Court to 15 years under the ACCA minimum sentencing guidelines. All our appeals through to the Supreme Court were rejected. My son was not in the commission of a crime. To the contrary he was the victim of a crime that the police refused to give credence to. The sentencing Federal Judge told the prosecutor that he was not happy about my son being charged under the ACCA statute because he was forced to sentence him to 15 years even though he was the victim of a crime. Contrary to what our attorney told us earlier, the Judge said he had no discretion in the sentencing phase. I am pleading with you to vote in favor of the Senate Bill S. 502 or House Bill H.R. 920 entitled “Smarter Sentencing Act” If Congress passes this Bill, at least the 15 year minimum would be reduced to 10 years and he would be able to apply for early release. I also highly recommend that you give judges the authority to override the ACCA minimum sentencing law when the facts in a case warrant it.

Author: Raymond Casper
Subject: Please vote for S. 502 and H.R. 920
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