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Petition Title: Oppose the FCC's plan to undo title II.
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Subject: Oppose the FCC's plan to undo title II.

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This should not be seen as a partisan issue. We need the FCC's title II net neutrality rules to remain in place in order to keep the internet free and open. Telecom companies are relentlessly trying to undo it to limit what internet users can do and squeeze more money out of users. Net neutrality states that telecom companies are to treat all internet traffic fairly, and that they can't block or slow access to websites just because they feel like it. Unfortunately, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai doesn't care about that, as he has proven to be a shill for telecom companies.

If net neutrality is undone, it will make it harder and more expensive for people to conduct business, connect with people around the world, engage in political actions(i.e. sending messages such as this),watch or listen to streamed content, or really do anything on the internet, all because telecom companies and certain members of Congress want to make more money and limit the flow of information. A vote to kill the FCC's title II rules is fast approaching, and Chairman Pai is doing everything to make sure people won't notice. He couldn't care less about what people think about this.

It's your job to keep this from happening. Oppose this plan to undo title II net neutrality, and contact the FCC and demand that they scrap this plan. Just because former President Obama supported it doesn't mean it's bad. Ignore all the partisan language being thrown around. This is about whether or not people can access the internet and not be hit by telecom companies with arbitrary paywalls to websites and slowed access to sites and services that don't suit their bottom lines or pay to not be slowed. The public heavily supports net neutrality. Don't sell us out.

Author: William Pearce
Subject: Oppose the FCC's plan to undo title II.
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