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Petition Title: Protect Christian conscience-Pass HR 940
Current Number of Supporters: 62
Total Faxes Sent: 177

Subject: Protect Christian conscience-Pass HR 940

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that you please CO-SPONSOR and pass H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act. This common-sense bill protects the religious freedom of Judeo-Christian employers who believe God commands "Thou shalt not kill" and refuse on moral grounds to violate their conscience. It's bad enough our tax dollars are funding the slaughter of innocent children whose blood is on your hands if you fund abortion with your votes. But now Obamacare has actually mandated Christian employers, Bible-publishers, Hobby Lobby, and many others, must privately fund abortion with their own money?

Enough is enough. STOP punishing people of faith who refuse to kill children. JOIN the bill's 50 co-sponsors and the growing pro-life community who supports defining all human persons at conception, and PROTECT the right of conscience for those of us who share a strong, sincerely held religious belief. Are you among the persecutors that would crucify Jesus in our midst? The Spirit of Christ resides in the human conscience, and your inaction forces our persecution. You can read the entire text of the bill here: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c113:H.R.940:

No Christian employer should ever be forced with a horrible choice, to participate in your holocaust, or endure government persecution. And don't forget the babies, who are killed en masse by your policy mandates! If you think God is not watching, you are wrong, and He is. You will be held to account, not only for violating your oath to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution which protects the equality of the unborn, but also to God's highest law, the law of love. What part of "Thou shalt not kill," do you not understand? Please co-sponsor and pass HR 940, and strengthen our protections.

Author: Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD  
Title: Chaplain
Partner Organization*: The Pray In Jesus Name Project

*This organization benefits if you pay for extra faxes.
Subject: Protect Christian conscience-Pass HR 940
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