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Petition Title: Just Secure Our Borders
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Subject: Just Secure Our Borders

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

We aren't interested in amnesty, or a "pathway to citizenship" or "regularizing the status" of those who are here illegally. In the immigration debate, our only interest is securing the borders.

You took an oath to protect and defend the United States -- that means defending our borders. You say our immigration system is broken? This is the only -- we repeat, the only -- way to fix it. Everything else has failed, and will continue to fail. We're not interested in border security first, then amnesty -- or amnesty, followed by promises of border security later. We do not want you to “fix” the more-than 1,000-page bill. We want you to vote to kill it.

We demand that you fulfill your oath of office by securing the borders now and enforcing visa requirements -- nothing less and nothing else. There's only one voting bloc you should be concerned about -- the American vote (of every race and ethnicity) -- those who put sovereignty first, and put you in office.

Author: Dr. Rick Scarborough  
Title: President
Partner Organization*: Vision America Action

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Subject: Just Secure Our Borders
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