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Petition Title: Get rid of pornography in US Military
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Subject: Get rid of pornography in US Military

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

The U.S. Military has a serious pornography problem, and is doing next to nothing to combat it. Now, we are seeing the consequences with at least 70 reported sexual assaults a day in our nation’s armed services and a growing culture accepting of sexual exploitation even in the top ranks. Research shows a strong link between pornography and increased sexual violence, as well as the objectification of women and even broken marriages.

Servicemen and women and their spouses often report the widespread availability of pornography in the US Military, especially while on deployments overseas. In addition, The Military Honor and Decency Act requires the U.S. Department of Defense to remove all sexually explicit materials sold or rented by the exchange services, commissaries and the U.S. Navy ships’ stores. However, the Department of Defense allows pornographic magazines to be sold. Despite this, the US Military is very lax when it comes to pornography and now we are seeing the consequences!

Please make sure that the Military gets out of the porn business and prohibits access to pornography on bases. This will dramatically help to change the current sexually exploitive culture now overwhelming our Military. Please work with your colleagues, especially pressure those on the Armed Services Committees to take action on this.

Author: Dawn Hawkins  
Title: Executive Director
Partner Organization*: Morality In Media

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Subject: Get rid of pornography in US Military
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