Our Petition Template Helps You Create an Effective Petition

FaxCongress provides a petition template to guide you in writing a clear, concise petition for a cause you feel strongly about. Fill in our blank petition template, or publish it on our website for free, to recruit signers and signatures and gather grassroots support for your ideas. We fax your petition to your Congressperson for free!

John Doe / Jane Doe

Really Long Street Address

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Blank Petition Templates offer an easy Step-by-Step Process

Allow FaxCongress to take you through the steps in writing a petition using our template. It is important that you state your ideas in a petition clearly and succinctly to get the support and attention it deserves from many Congressmen or Senators.

We help you find your Members of Congress so you can contact your representatives and start getting your voice heard. In order to effect change in our country, we must be willing to step forward and build grassroots momentum toward those goals. By faxing Congress your concerns, and inviting friends to do the same, you can make a big difference in America’s future.

Our petition template helps you create an important document that others will be able to sign to support your cause. When you chose to publish your petition on our website, we can help network you with other like-minded individuals to gather more signatures and raise awareness for your cause on Capitol Hill.

You can use FaxCongress to browse through petitions that others have published. You may find petitions that you feel strongly about and want to support. Go ahead and add your signature to those you believe in, and we will fax those to your Congressperson, for free! Or for a small fee, we can also instantly fax any petition you sign to all 535 Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, or just to select committees. How long would it take you to send 535 faxes to Washington D.C.? See how much time we save you?

Use social media to attract interest to your cause. Use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media tools to your advantage to recruit community groups and organizations to build support. In order to influence Congress, you will want the backing of as many voices as you can get.

Start on your political journey today and find your representatives in order to fax your petition to Congress. Use FaxCongress to help gather support and raise money for your cause. Take advantage of our free, easy to use petition template.

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