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Petition Title: Election Violence Against Hindus
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Subject: Election Violence Against Hindus

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that the United States use its moral and economic power so the government of Bangladesh takes effective action to stop violence against Hindus around Bangladeshi elections in late 2018. This targeted violence has occurred at every election, regardless of the party in power; but thus far, the government has taken no preventative measures that will change that.

Please let the Bangladesh government know that the US is very concerned about election time violence against Hindus and expects it to take effective measures to prevent it. The Bangladeshis will respond as they need US goodwill to sustain their economy, which is dependent on US garment imports, and UN Peacekeeping receipts. Your action will save innocent lives.

Author: Richard Benkin
Subject: Election Violence Against Hindus
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