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Petition Title: Abolish the IRS and Income Tax
Current Number of Supporters: 238
Total Faxes Sent: 1475

Subject: Abolish the IRS and Income Tax

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

We the undersigned respectfully petition you to co-sponsor and vote YES on H.R.25 - The Fair Tax Act of 2011. Please REPEAL all federal income taxes and ABOLISH the Internal Revenue Service by replacing them with a Fair National Sales Tax.

Income taxes cost jobs because they discourage investment. Eliminating the income tax will increase both savings and consumption. Replacing the income tax with a Fair National Sales Tax will increase GDP by almost 10.5%, restoring the US economy. The Fair Tax would give the American people the ability to cut their own taxes whenever they see fit to do so, simply by lowering their spending. The Fair Tax helps small businesses and economic growth by eliminating crippling business taxes.

Abolishing the IRS would help recover as much as $ 5 Trillion hidden in "off-shore" accounts, which would return to American stocks, banks, and businesses. Foreign business investors would flock to America and hire American workers

Author: Jered Hodges  
Title: Volunteer
Partner Organization*: Americans for America

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Subject: Abolish the IRS and Income Tax
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